What sports do we offer?
Girls Volleyball (Jr. Age 10-8th grade) (J.V. and Varsity)
Boys and Girls Basketball (Jr. Age 10-8th grade) (J.V. [Boys only]) (Varsity)
Boys Soccer (7th-12th grade )

What ages can play?

What does it cost to play?
Fees range from $50-$100 depending on the sport and how many players per family. Click here for specific details.
Cost includes uniforms, refs, gym/field rentals, and equipment. The player fees only cover a portion of the cost to run this program. We depend on sponsors and fundraisers as well.

What teams do we play?
For our Varsity sports there are 12 different teams in the Mountain Christian League. There are 7 soccer teams, 9 volleyball teams, 9 Girls Basketball, and 10 Boys Basketball. Kootenai Thunder has been a member of the MCL since 2008. To check out our standings and find out more about the Mountain Christian League go to their website at mountainchristianleague.com.

Our Jr. basketball program is with the Idaho Junior Christian League. There are currently 6 different teams in the Junior league.

How do I sign up?
Submit an application form, along with a signed statement of faith, and a personal letter of reference from a pastor, teacher, or other adult who knows you well. Email to Tracy Jensen, mtjfive@yahoo.com, or call for more information 208-290-7898.

How is Kootenai Thunder Sports, Inc., funded?
KTSI is funded through player fees, concessions, sponsorships, and fundraisers.

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